Organic Search Ranking

By ranking high in organic search results marketers hope to increase more web traffic, generate leads, and increase conversions. Since buyers are doing most of their research online, marketers want to ensure that they have content to attract them to their website. In order for your website to rank high in search engines, your website content needs to be relevant to the user’s search query. But, with search engines constantly changing their ranking algorithms to hide query data, marketers don’t know what keywords will help drive traffic to their site.

Instead of trying to play catch up, marketers are turning to content marketing to ensure they are engaging buyers. Creating valuable information for buyers is critical because marketers will be able to build lasting relationships and establish credibility for their brand. However, the challenge marketers are facing is that there is no data to help them decide what content to create. Marketers don’t want their content to get lost in the noise and want to see ROI. Having a system that shows marketers where they should be focusing their content efforts, what competitors are talking about, and what buyers are searching for, will enable marketers to be successful in reaching their marketing goals.

Captora does just that. Forget about the guesswork surrounding producing content. Captora provides marketers with data-driven campaigns that show them where content gaps are, where untapped opportunities lie, and competitor activity. Marketers now have a solution that tells them where they should focus their efforts to engage buyers. Captora helps marketers reach buyers through paid, social, and organic channels. Now marketers can successfully reach their marketing goals.

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