Organic Search Marketing

Marketers are constantly trying to grow pipeline. One cost efficient and effective way to contribute to pipeline is by utilizing organic search. SEO has been about tricking search engine ranking algorithms to get higher placement in search results. But, Google is constantly modifying their ranking algorithm so marketers are always a step behind. Now, marketers don’t have insight into what buyers are looking for. Most of the traffic you are generating comes from prospects who have heard of your brand. Being able to attract and capture new buyers who aren’t aware of who you are is critical for growth.

In order to capture these buyers, marketers must produce relevant content. Buyers are online searching for information about a product or service, and unless they know your brand they will not be able to find you. With content marketing being the new buzz around marketing, marketers are producing dozens of content from blogs to whitepapers to videos and more. Being able to create content is a great way to reach buyers through organic search channels. However, creating content has been a manual process with a lot of guesswork.

Captora aids marketers in reach thousands of new buyers through organic search marketing. By optimizing top-of-funnel marketing, Captora enables marketers to reach new prospects that didn’t know about your company. Captora’s patent technology leverages all the content within your space and automatically creates targeted content-driven campaigns across various channels to ensure that marketers are creating content that will reach the right people. Being able to put the right information in front of the right people will significantly drive conversion rates. Now, marketers can get insight into what content will generate more leads.

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