Organic Search Leads

Most inbound marketing traffic comes from people who are already familiar with your company. But what about the people who have not heard of you before? There are thousands of buyers who are searching the web for information about your product or service, but don't know about your brand. Marketers are constantly trying to build pipeline but have no way to effectively reach new buyers. Utilizing inbound marketing, primarily organic search, is a great way to interact with buyers. But you need to set the right expectations to be successful in organic search.

Organic search results take 3-6 months to see results. Many marketers don't want to wait around that long, but set long term expectations. Organic search is strategic for two reasons.

  1. You can create new campaigns for free, find new terms that bring net new buyers, and this information enables you to improve your paid search and content strategies
  2. Marketing contributes more to pipeline- at a lower cost.

Captora takes the guesswork out of marketing and helps marketers scale and optimize organic search campaigns. Since these campaigns are highly targeted to buyer demand, marketers see more organic search leads coming into their marketing automation system for nurturing and scoring. To learn more about organic search best practices and accelerating pipeline, download our ebook!

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