Organic Search Engine Traffic

Organic search is a great way to drive more traffic to your website and increase brand awareness. Many marketers are relying on search engines to rank their websites high in terms of relevance when buyers search for keywords that are relevant to their product or service. With Google regularly tweaking their ranking algorithms, marketers need to manage their SEO strategy to ensure it is still successful. There are many websites that give marketers tips and tools on how to improve SEO ranking, but marketers need a more automated and efficient way to reach their marketing goals.

Buyers are utilizing search engines and are relying on organic search to find the information they need. This provides marketers with a great opportunity to create content to reach potential buyers through organic search. However, marketers are finding it challenging to create content with tie to ROI. Content solutions have no data behind what content to create, what to prioritize, what buyers are looking for, and more. Marketers are missing out on growth and revenue by not making the best out of their content marketing strategy. Having a system that enables marketers to see where they need more content or where they have strong content is very valuable.

Captora’s robust system helps marketers create more organic search engine traffic, as well as creating a great content marketing program. Forget about the manual processes of creating content, Captora uses existing content from your space to automatically and intelligently create thousands of data-driven campaigns to enable marketers to produce content that is valuable to potential buyers. Marketers now have insight in where they are missing out on opportunities to create content to reach thousands of buyers. With Captora, marketers can increase their organic search traffic but more importantly can meet their marketing goals in a more effective way.

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