Organic Search Engine Results

With thousands of potential buyers online actively searching for information, marketers have the opportunity of reaching them through organic channels. Organic search results are the websites that are ranked based on relevance to user’s search in search engines. Marketers are coming up with SEO strategies to help them rank higher in organic search results, while they can be successful sometimes, there are times were they are not. Search engines are always tweaking their ranking algorithms, thus marketers are having to adjust their SEO strategy to keep up with the changes. Marketers want to rank high in organic search to engage buyers and increase web traffic. However, there can be a more effective way to reach those goals.

Modern marketers are spending more and more on content marketing. Since buyers are on the web, marketers are tweaking their strategies to effectively reach these buyers. Creating informative and engaging content is valuable for building relationships with potential buyers. However, without the data behind what content topics are working and what campaigns need more attention, marketers are left in the dark and are seeing no ROI. While content can be a great way of engaging buyers, marketers need a solution that will ensure they are seeing the results they need.

Captora’s solution provides marketers with insight to ensure they have a successful content marketing strategy . Captora’s patent technology automatically creates data-driven campaigns that are based on buyer’s demand. Marketers can now engage prospective buyers through organic, paid, and social channels. With Captora marketers have insight into where content is low compared to your competitors, where opportunities exist, and where which topics marketers should be writing about. Instead of focusing on ranking high in organic search results, focus on creating valuable content that will dramatically increase conversions.

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