Organic Search Buyers

The transition to inbound marketing, especially through organic search channels, is underway for progressive marketing organizations that are trying to capture more buyers. Now, buyers have unprecedented access to information about products or services, thus changing the buying process. Marketers turned to inbound marketing to help buyers find them via inbound channels such as organic search. In order to grow pipeline, marketers must find new strategy to reach buyers through organic channels.

One effective way to ensure marketers are reaching buyers is by effectively using content marketing. Creating content has been a manual and time consuming process. Marketers need a way to automate and gain visibility into their buyers intent and competitors moves to have an effective marketing strategy.

Captora helps marketers be successful in content marketing. Captora’s patent technology leverages your content and your competitors’ content to match it with buyer channels in order to automatically create data-driven targeted campaigns. With Captora, there is no more guess work. Marketers can now:

  • Identify and create targeted content-driven campaigns that engage conversion-ready buyers
  • Review, authorize and launch thousands of new campaigns
  • Continuously optimize campaigns for optimal results

With a system that helps markets create valuable content, marketers can now reach buyers across organic channels. Captora is the future of modern marketing.

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