Optimization SEO For Beginners

Marketers know the importance of continuously testing and optimizing their campaigns, but often don’t have the time or resources to actually do it. SEO is all about using the right keywords to ensure you website gets highly ranked on search engines. Marketers try gaming search algorithms to see what keywords will ensure they have higher ranks. However, trying to continuously optimize a keyword when search engine algorithms are consistently changing isn’t the most effective process.

Modern marketers are producing dozens of content but don't have a way of tracking how that content is performing. Having data to show what content is driving results and which is not is important for marketers. With thousands of buyers not the web, marketers are continuously going back and optimizing existing campaigns to ensure they drive conversions. But, figuring out which campaigns to optimize can be a complicated process.

Captora has an always-on optimization tool that enables marketers to get the results they need. Captora enables marketers to continuously optimize CTAs, content, as well as offers to increase conversion rates. Marketers now have the confidence of placing the best content in front of the right buyers. Captora automatically leverages advanced testing techniques to continuously improves campaign performance, and provides marketers with easy to understand reporting. Now marketers can optimize campaigns across all channels.

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