Online Small Business Marketing

When designing an online small business marketing strategy, it's essential to consider which avenues will prove effective for attracting net-new leads and generating net-new buyers. Content based marketing tends to be an effective strategy when marketing online. When creating content, companies strive to keep their content relevant, meaningful, and cost-effective to produce. While businesses aim to achieve these objectives, actually accomplishing them can be challenging. While CRM solutions help with managing opportunities and Marketing Automation solutions help to nurture pre-existing leads, both of these solutions lack the ability to guide a marketer in creating original content.

Captora, the premier marketing acceleration platform, helps companies reduce the complexities of content marketing and enables marketers to effectively drive top of the funnel marketing efforts. Specifically, Captora can help companies do the following:

  • Find and understand demand for content
  • Create and launch high-quality and relevant content campaigns
  • Analyze campaign results and report relevant metrics

Interested in learning about how Captora can help drive your online small business marketing strategy? Click on our video to see more!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video