Online Marketing Tactics

The buying process has shifted. Sales is no longer the first contact a buyer has with your brand. Your buyers have also changed. They live in a multi-channel world filled with an abundance of messaging and attention scarcity. With the buying process now online, marketers are using content to engage and capture new buyers.

Content marketing is a great online marketing tactic for modern marketers. Content is a great way to educate buyers about your brand as well as engage buyers who are familiar with your product. Marketers should use content to generate leads, increase brand awareness, as well as drive conversions. But, this is easier said than done. Creating content can be a manual and daunting process, without the right tool.

Captora provides marketers with the data to ensure that their online marketing efforts aren’t wasted. Captora enables marketers to capture and engage new buyers across multiple channels by automatically creating campaigns based on buyer demand. With Captora’s patent technology, marketers can see campaign performance, benchmark against multiple competitors, and create relevant and valuable content that buyers are searching for. With Captora marketers have a tool for their online marketing efforts.

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