Online Marketing Summit

With the advent and increase of online channels and their profound impact on consumer buying behavior, online marketing has become the order of the day for B2B marketers to generate high revenues.  Captora helps modern day marketers in their online marketing initiatives with its inbound marketing solutions.

Inbound marketing cycle includes five important steps:-

  • To attract traffic
  • To convert visitors to leads
  • To convert leads to sales
  • To turn customers in repeat higher margin customers
  • To analyze market data for ongoing improvement

Captora’s Cloud based Marketing Execution Platform helps inbound marketing campaigns in the following ways:-

  • Expands and optimizes content marketing automatically to capture thousands of leads across all of your channels.
  • Scans and indexes all pertinent content about your company and your competitors from across the web, your website, your competitor’s sites, blogs, forums, social media etc.
  • Utilizes the content across all important demand signals and expands the top marketing funnel, making all downstream investments and activities more productive.
  • Leverages the advanced testing techniques automatically that makes the conversion optimizer drives ongoing improvement of content and reports results.
  • Enables the marketers too view the data trending over time and make constant improvisations across campaigns, content and website visitors.

With Captora’s data driven marketing execution solution you can make your online marketing campaigns successful. Check out Captora today!




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