Online Marketing Success Stories

Captora Digital Marketing Acceleration has helped companies like Marketo and Servicemax grow faster and exceed their online marketing goals in three main ways;

  • Demand Analyzer - Leverage your content and your competitors to stack rank thousands of demand signals that are important to your industry and target audience.
  • Campaign Engine - Automate the creation of hundreds of landing pages that are dedicated to these specific search phrases.
  • Performance Advisor - Report the results of your campaigns by persona, channel, and offer to see what is resonating with your target audience.

Here are some of the results that Marketo saw when leveraging Captora.

  • 36% quarterly growth in website visitors
  • 45% growth in new leads
  • 55% improvement in cost-per-lead

Here are some of the the results that Servicemax was able to see with Captora:

  • 60% spike in un-branded search traffic.
  • 109% increase in paid search visits.
  • Triple the conversion rates on SEO campaigns.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video