Online Marketing Solutions

When looking at the multiple online channels available for promoting and distributing your services, the pressures can feel enormous. As it can seem that your web presence depends on great design and search engine optimization, one thing can get lost in the game: the creation of great content that will engage your buyers. The solution is to create content that keeps your company's rankings high so that buyers are intrigued right at the beginning of their search, whether it's adding value through regular blog posts or updating product page descriptions.

However, determining precisely what content those buyers are looking for can mean hours of guesswork, when what marketers really need is instantaneous insight. Without this, marketers miss out on opportunities to hold on to qualified leads and get ahead of their competitors. Decreasing the time marketers spend on research and increasing their abilities to continue creating great, well-directed content is crucial for growth.

Captora's online marketing solution helps marketers engage and capture buyers before their competition. Captora's patent technology sees clickstream data from your web assets, and uses this information to find where gaps exist in your content. Captora allow you to analyze Internet demand signals while effectively distributing your content over multiple channels (organic, paid, social), which helps you reach those early-stage buyers before the competition. Having an online solution that gives you insight into buyer demand and competitor activity provides marketers with a great opportunity to drive leads and increase conversions.

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