Online Marketing Software

The intense pressures in today's marketing world to constantly create great content can feel enormous. Reaching buyers through search - paid or organic, social media or other forms of online marketing can offer great opportunities to engage and convert. Buyers are turning more and more to online methods of researching brands that provide solutions, and marketers need to target their highest priority segments in these areas in order to reach conversion-ready buyers.

Opportunities are missed, however, when marketers rely only on guesswork to provide content that meets buyer demand signals. This can be exhausting, and does nothing to relieve those enormous pressures. When marketers face buyers being turned off by noise in any channel, they need to have measurable insight beyond basic diagnostic testing to make sure they are creating effective content.

When marketers want to quickly leverage existing content, they can turn to Captora. Our data-based automated execution software analyzes existing content, placing it in the most effective channels and ensuring that it reaches the highest amount of conversion-ready buyers. With Captora, marketers can confidently utilize online marketing software, gain insight into effective content-driven campaigns, and dramatically increase lead conversion rates.

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