Online Marketing Goals

Are you expected to engage potential buyers with relevant content, and then nurture them as they navigate through the buyer journey? Or maybe you need to increase conversion rates on your SEO campaigns without increasing your CPL. Are you under pressure to capture high quality leads before your competition? In the current state of digital marketing, these are common goals that many marketers are facing

Captora is a cloud based B2B digital marketing platform that is helping marketers scale pipeline growth and exceed their online marketing goals. Captora can help you do the following:

  • Use machine learning, natural language processing and ccompetitive intelligence in order to uncover key search terms and pain points that people use to search for you.
  • From the same platform, create hundreds of personalized landing pages that are optimized for SEO and aligned with Google best practices.
  • Monitor these landing pages and report success by channel, persona, content asset and CTA
  • Engage high quality leads with the content they are searching for, thus dramatically reducing your CPL

With Captora marketers can effectively engage new buyers across multiple channels, increase conversion rates on their SEO campaigns and generate more ROI for their company! Learn how Captora can help you optimize your online marketing strategy in order to beat your goals!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video