Online Marketing Channels

Getting passed the noise is a top challenges facing modern marketers. Noise can be found on various online marketing channels. Advertising, search, and social channels are all filled with noise and marketers are missing out on capturing buyers before their competitors. In order to get your messaging heard, marketers need to create engaging content that will appeal to prospective buyers.

Creating engaging content to attract buyers is critical for establishing credibility and building relationships. Buyers are no longer responsive to traditional methods of marketing. By creating interactive, informative, and valuable content, marketers will be able to provide potential buyers with value. When buyers are on the web, they want to see consistent messaging throughout multiple channels. But without insight into buyer demand, what channels work, and what content is working well, marketers are left guessing.

Captora provides marketers with insight and data to help marketers reach potential buyers through online marketing channels. Captora automatically creates demand generation campaigns to reach thousands of buyers across search, advertising, and social channels. With Captora marketers can:

  • Capture new buyers via multiple channels at the start of their search
  • See which content, marketing channels, and campaigns are delivering results
  • Deliver new content-rich campaigns across multiple channels – search, advertising, social

Reaching potential buyers across online marketing channels will help marketers achieve their goals.

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