Online Marketing Challenges

With so many online channels available for the promotion and distribution of your brand, marketers can face a lot of pressure to develop a great web presence. Focusing on design and search engine optimization can yield results, but it is crucial to make sure the creation of great content is at the center of online marketing strategies. Whether you add value to your web presence through blog posts or social media updates, relevant content will be the one thing to engage buyers.

However, decreasing the laborious guesswork that sends marketers into a frenzy trying to create great, engaging content is doable only with tools for analyzing reliable data. When marketers can understand and utilize actual buyer demand signals and center their content-driven campaigns around them, pipeline will grow and the top-of-funnel marketing can expand.

Captora provides solutions to the challenges of online marketing. Our patent technology allows marketers to see clickstream data from web assets, and automatically compare it to competitors to reveal gaps in content. When marketers can analyze Internet demand signals to effectively distribute content across multiple channels, early-stage buyers can be reached before the competition and easily converted into customers. With Captora, see as much as 50% improvement in cost per lead, and major increases in high-quality lead conversion rates.

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