Online Marketing Case Studies

Do you want to attract new buyers and add validity to your product promotions? Customers who experience good results can help you by sharing their success stories. these case studies become an important tool to attract new prospects. But how do you make sure potential prospects see this case study? Leveraging digital channels to promote new content and educate anonymous web visitors can yield great results uncovering engaged and interested prospects.

Across channels, the modern marketer must launch digital content that cultivates engagement, attracts leads, and then induces conversions to drive pipeline for the business. While there are loads of resources designed to promote traffic towards your site, marketers are posed with the challenge of finding viable solutions that reach objectives.

Case studies are great calls to action prompting web visitors to learn more about your product offerings and solutions.

Customer success is something we pride ourselves on at Captora.

Marketo launched 150+ Captora Campaigns after 3 weeks of activating the product.

Host Analytics underwent a 560% boost in unique search visits.

Innotas saw 5 opportunities created accounting for 1% of their total pipeline.

Captora is helping marketers strategically match search intent with relevant case studies to drive engagement. Watch our video to learn more.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video