Online Marketing Campaigns

In today's digital world it is important to educate potential buyers through targeted online marketing campaigns. Getting the right content, in front of the ideal buyer, at the right time is a constant battle for the modern marketer. Marketers are frantic to be effective in their campaign creations while staying ahead of the curve with regards to their competitors. The need for speed in the world of content marketing is becoming more and more paramount. Buyers are interacting with marketing first nowadays, not sales. Marketers must be resourceful and efficient in their content creation and promotion.

The Captora platform allows marketing teams to efficiently create targeted campaigns optimized for organic search at scale in order to capture anonymous buyers. Captora utilizes your existing content to create organic and paid campaigns to draw in your targeted buyers and gain visibility to your brand.

As marketers become responsible for larger percentages of the sales pipeline, demand generation tools become indispensable. Learn how Captora can revolutionize your top of funnel marketing workflow with our quick demo video.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video