Online Marketing

Online marketing has taken the world by storm, and has usurped enormous resources that had once been reserved for offline marketing. But there are so many choices in the online marketing world - the Internet is chock full of interesting destinations and opportunities to connect with customers. How can any business determine the most cost-effective path to purchase-ready prospects from among the overwhelming number of online marketing options?

We have an answer for you: Study after study has shown that inbound marketing has the biggest "bang for the buck" among your online marketing choices. Many companies already understand this, but they face online marketing challenges because executing effective organic and paid search strategies is a very labor-intensive effort.

Captora solves the online marketing challenge by automatically collecting and analyzing millions of demand signals across the Internet to identify the most powerful search keywords for your business. It then matches those keywords to hyper-targeted campaigns created from your existing content assets. Captora is the beginning of the future of online marketing!

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