Online Demand Generation

Demand generation programs get customers excited about your product or service. The goal is to nurture relationships with prospective buyers. One of the most effective ways to create and foster those relationships is by delivering educational information through content marketing. Creating information that informs buyers about your product or service is critical because it helps create demand in your company. However, marketers are struggling to create high quality content to increase awareness in your product or service.

Nurturing leads is an important part of demand generation, but it is not everything. There are thousands of buyers on the web looking for information about your product or service but aren't aware of your brand. Being able to reach those buyers and create relationships with them will ensure you are increasing your pipeline contribution and meeting goals. When it comes to creating content to engage buyers, marketers do not know where to start. Creating content can be a manual and time consuming process without the right process in place.

Captora ensures marketers have an effective online demand generation process that allows them to increase awareness to their brand. In efforts of reaching buyers who don't know your company, Captora focuses on top-of-funnel marketing. The Captora platform automatically creates data-driven campaigns to attract new buyers across multiple multiple channels. Captora provides you with insight across your demand generation campaigns to ensure you are creating relevant and educational content to help increase awareness. Now you can scale content-driven demand generation to get optimal results.

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