Online Content Strategy

An online content strategy is a document that provides organizations with data-driven insights about the goals that content marketing aims to accomplish and how those goals will be accomplished. It is rooted in understanding your audience, aligning your content across multiple channels, and using big data to track digital marketing campaigns. Before you begin implementing your strategy, here are 5 key industry trends that you should know.

  1. 27,000,000 pieces of content are share each day online - (AOL)
  2. Content Marketing generates 3x as many leads than traditional marketing while at the same time costing 62% less - (Demand Metric)
  3. Best-in-Class companies are 180% more likely to align marketing content with stages in the sales funnel - (CMO Essentials)
  4. For the most effective B2B marketers, 39% of their budget is spent on content marketing. - (Content Marketing Institute)
  5. 78% of online consumers believe that companies that create content are interested in building relationships - (CMO Essentials)

These data driven insights shed light on the facts that not only is content marketing becoming more important for modern marketers, it is being sought after by online consumers. Not only are brands and solutions in demand... your content is also in demand! Download our Ebook for more info on creating an online content strategy

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