Multi Channel Marketing Campaign

With today's countless media channels, it is becoming more difficult to create a sense of engagement with a multi channel marketing campaign. Marketers today face the challenge to execute innovate ways to develop brand awareness and generate demand with their content. Be it exploring a new content type, exploring user generated content, or just thinking of new ideas, you must keep your content marketing dynamic.

Time and money is being put into marketing departments to build quality content, yet it's still a challenge to define and measure "quality". It isn't easy to come up with new and intriguing ways that drive demand and build web presence using content. Companies needs to be aware of buyer personas to be the compass to where and how they promote their content.

Captora is a Digital Marketing Platform, built to drive people to your brand with hyper-personalized content, that keeps your cost-per-lead (CPL) down, and accelerated pipeline.

Captora allows you to:

  • Identify content gaps across channels and then helps you prioritize, and repurpose your existing quality content.
  • Launch organic and paid campaigns that is audience-centric so you know where your buyers are and when they are likely to convert.
  • Optimize marketing efforts and successfully integrate Captora campaigns into existing marketing automation platforms and marketing solutions.
  • Scale by using a real-time metrics dashboard to assess your investments while accelerating revenue across channels.

Watch our quick video and see how Captora will help you succeed across channels, today!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video