Multi Channel Marketing Best Practices

Today's digital world requires you to be understanding of the multi channel marketing best practices. Content marketing has seemed to take over and companies are beginning to realize the necessity of devising a marketing strategy that will align with today's trends. Budget time and resources are poured into marketing departments to develop high-quality content, yet the scope of its definition is gaining breadth and depth, making it even more difficult to measure. An additional hurdle is coming up with new and intriguing ways to drive demand and build web presence with their content. The range of media channels is far greater than before and it is vital that companies have the content they need, where they need it.

As a marketers, there are many facets involved. One must develop content that is interesting to the reader, so they are engaged, convert, and then drive pipeline. But with the noisy levels of content marketing today, the buyer's journey and personas also need to be taken into consideration.

Imagine a platform that takes care of your content marketing needs so you can develop high-quality, buyer-focused content that is engaging and relevant to your future consumers?

Captora is a Digital Marketing Platform designed for marketers, build by marketers.

Voted "Best Content Marketing Solution" and "Best Digital Marketing Solution" in 2015 by SIIA, Captora allows you to:

  • Identify marketing gaps across various platforms and channels, and then makes it easy to prioritize, and augment productivity of existing resources.
  • Launch organic and paid campaigns with your best existing content that is hyper-targeted to your buyers in sync to the best channel where they will convert.
  • Optimize results while successfully integrating your Captora campaigns into existing CRM, Marketing Automation platforms.
  • Scale by using analytics to assess marketing investments while accelerating pipeline across all of the channels today.

Take a look at our demo video and see how Captora will help you win across channels, today!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video