Multi Channel Marketing Automation

Multi-Channel Marketing Automation is a necessary tool in today's B2B world! Marketers attempt to engage with potential buyers every day by utilizing new and existing content. As the competition amps up to develop relevant and consistent content that is useful to potential buyers, marketers are running out of ideas, and more paramountly, running out of resources. Chief-Level employees look to marketers with metrics that back their efforts, but marketers often times have put in too much manual effort to drive results that don't demonstrate success. Content needs to be leveraged and utilized so that it is driving pipeline, but with all of the channels today, marketers scratch their head as to how that is possible.

Cross-Channel Marketing makes room for high brand awareness and as a result, drives traffic to your overarching value proposition. So as a marketer, where can you begin?

Captora. Captora helps you:

  1. Analyze and assess your competitor's content to configure your go-to-strategy to be leaders in the world of content marketing.
  2. Develop hyper-targeted content to your potential buyers with long-tail keywords that they are searching for,
  3. Scale your content and track your metrics with a live dashboard to assess the metrics that matter.

Eliminate the guesswork involved in finding your audience AND developing relevant content; automate your marketing world with Captora's platform! Check out our quick demo video today!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video