Modern Digital Marketing Trends

Modern digital marketing trends seem to be buzzing in today's B2B world. Digital Marketing is growing and companies are seeing a more prominent need to fuel their demand generation with content. Creating content is simple with all of the tools and resources these days, but the feedback seems to be the same across the board: content creation drains resources, is time-consuming, and no matter what the content, you have to figure out how to break through the noise. Resources today are expensive, and the results that they supposedly bring in are hardly quantifiable. This leaves marketers in panic mode as they frantically try to develop content while their CMOs are asking for metrics and statistics that can't be generated in an accurate manner. So now what?

Captora is a Digital Marketing Acceleration Platform.

Captora utilizes your content and competitors content to create organic and paid campaigns based on the keyword searches that your anonymous buyers are running. Captora maps the content to each stage of the buyer journey with hyper-targeted assets to help you solve your gaps and drive revenue. Forget worrying about reporting methodologies; Captora has a real-time analytics platform that measures your content's reach, engagement and traffic, making ROI a no-brainer.

With Captora:

  • double the speed of gaining actionable insight
  • experience higher organic search visits
  • created 10 times the amount of targeted landing pages
  • lower your cost per lead by 55%

Check out our Modern Marketers eBook to see a more in-depth overview of how Captora will make a marketing success out of you.

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