Modern Digital Marketing Tools

Modern Digital Marketing Tools are flooding the market today! There is an array of all types of tools that are designed to help marketers fulfill their business objectives. Marketing departments are also becoming more heavily relied upon for gaining pipeline and building brand awareness. Unfortunately, many companies struggle to augment marketing budgets and headcount is low, leaving a few team members to do all the "grunt work". Marketing has a tough time collaborating with sales and additionally, there is often a lot of pressure to exhibit their marketing successes via metrics that matter to C-Level employees.

There are a plenty of moving pieces involved in driving your marketing efforts, especially with all of the competition and content that exists today. Content is key, and it isn't enough just to have content built, but rather, it is essential to have a go-to-market strategy with relevant information that will attract buyers. How do you power through the pressure and become a powerhouse through your content? Who is your target audience? What are they searching for? And most importantly, how do I reach them?

Captora is a digital marketing automation software that enhances the capabilities of your existing marketing toolset. That's right. Captora answers to all of your top-of-the-funnel marketing needs and beyond.

Our marketing acceleration tool allows you to:

  1. Access and evaluate your competitor's content to understand where you have content gaps and where you need to position yourself,
  2. Identify the long-tail keywords your buyers' are looking for and create organic and paid campaigns based on those phrases that will attract, engage, and drive your customers to convert
  3. View real-time analytics on this content to demonstrate your successes as a marketer, and continue to progressively build out content that will grab your consumers before competitors.

For more information regarding the marketing success you will gain with Captora, download our eBook for free!

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