Mobile Marketing Data

How proactive is your online marketing execution solution? Are you receiving adequate inputs on your site visits? With Captora’s Marketing Lead Acceleration solution you can identify, create and optimize the inbound campaigns and capture interested buyers and covert them to customers. Captora offers all the relevant lead updates on your mobile.

As online data driven marketing execution expert, Captora offers complete marketing transparency. Captora’s Lead Acceleration updates you on lead visits on your website and marketing campaigns by sending the update to your mobile and Smartphone devices. The faster you access the updates the faster you can respond. Based on these updates provided by Captora, you can plan your content marketing strategy.

Why Choose Captora?

  • Captora is the only user friendly integrated solution across inbound marketing channels
  • Captora's top of funnel lead acceleration maximizes the amount of inbound visitors and optimizes conversions
  • Captora maximizes the influence of CRM and Marketing Automation investments

Captora’s Marketing Lead Acceleration unifies analytics for ongoing enhancement across all inbound marketing campaigns, content and website visitors.

Receive instant data about your page promotions and interested leads on your mobile. Request for a Captora Demo!

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