Measuring Marketing ROI

Traditionally, measuring content marketing ROI has been seen as practically impossible. There was no one right formula you can use to be sure that your content marketing efforts were not wasted. With content marketing being a very popular strategy in marketing plans, being able to measure ROI is going to be crucial.

Even though it is difficult to measure your content marketing ROI, you can still track content performance based on revenue and sales funnel. Marketers can measure certain content metrics to see how well their content is performing and how well buyers are engaging with the content.

For example marketers can should do the following:

  • Measure program performance to see how well your content is performing via different campaigns
  • Benchmark against competitors to see how their content is doing as well as see if there are any content gaps that need to be address
  • Track which leads are good leads and tiring your content marketing to pipeline growth and customer acquisition

While there are metrics you can track, marketers need the right tool to ensure they have the insight to be able to produce great and engaging content.

Captora helps marketers drive ROI. Captora boosts conversion of paid and organic results, leveraging your best existing content .With Captora marketers can see campaign performance, content gaps, competitor performance, and optimization opportunities to ensure that they are getting the most out of their marketing efforts.

See how Marketo leveraged Captora to help them close content gaps and prove ROI.

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