Measuring Marketing Goals

Are you under more pressure to feed your marketing funnel with high quality leads? Or maybe you are looking to increase conversion rates on your landing pages. In the current state of digital marketing, marketers are under more pressure and are facing a wide array of new responsibilities.

Marketers need the right metrics to measure in order to justify their efforts and demonstrate the success of their marketing campaigns. Here are 5 metrics to measure that will help you start crushing your marketing goals - whatever they may be.

  • Bounce rates and time on page
  • Email open rates
  • Cost Per Lead
  • Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Conversion rates

Captora Digital Marketing Acceleration is helping marketers drive high quality leads into their marketing funnel, while at the same time reducing their cost per lead. The Captora platform allows you to understand how real buyers are actively searching for your product, and then seamlessly create hundreds of personalized digital marketing campaigns to capture these new buyers. Companies like Docusign and Host Analytics are leveraging Captora to fuel pipeline growth and exceed their marketing goals.

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