Measuring Content Marketing ROI

With an increasing number of companies using content marketing, tracking content ROI is becoming more important. In fact, only 27% of marketers are effectively tracking content metrics. So, how do marketers know what content is working and what isn't?

Although it is difficult to measure, content marketing can be tracked through your sales funnel, from reach and engagement at the top of your funnel to revenue and closed/won deals at the bottom of your funnel. Here are the 5 content metrics you should be tracking:

  • Program Performance- how your content is performing in different programs
  • First Touch and Multi-Touch Attribution- determine revenue and pipeline generated by content
  • Downloads and Lead Quality- Your content should be generating quality leads
  • Competitor Benchmarking- benchmark your content to determine what is performing best
  • Social Sharing and Engagement- Track virility and stickiness

Captora's solution is a great tool to help marketers measure content marketing ROI. Captora's content scorecard can help marketers benchmark against their competitors based on search terms. Marketers can see what content they, what campaigns are performing well, and what content to create to close gaps. Captora helps marketers engage and capture buyers through multiple channels through content-driven campaigns.

For more metrics you should be tracking, download our ebook.

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