Meaning Of Lead Generation In Marketing

Lead Generation is a process that occurs when a piece of valuable, high quality content is exchanged for website visitor contact information. Lead generation begins by identifying potential buyers and ends when you collect a potential buyers contact information. The outcome is net new leads that can be fed into your sales pipleline. As a practice lead generation dictates that you place an emphasis on your audience rather than your product. Where demand generation aims to create demand for your brand, the goal of lead generation is to create demand for your content ahead Here are 5 lead generation techniques to accelerate your pipeline

  1. Identify Buyer Personas
  2. Map audience centric content to the buyer journey.
  3. Distribute content across multiple channels.
  4. Optimize landing pages for visits and conversions.
  5. Integrate back-office platforms (CRM's, ESP's, CMS, Marketing Automation).

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