Marketing Tools For Business

As marketing is now seen as a primary revenue driver, companies need a marketing tool to help them generate high quality leads while at the same time reducing CPL and CAC. In order to do this, companies are leveraging content on SEO and PPC channels in order to build brand awareness and generate website traffic. However, as new technologies emerge and changes to Google's algorithm force companies to adapt their marketing strategy, marketers need all the best tools and technologies at their disposal. Are you looking for a marketing tool to help drive success in your business? Captora could be for you!

Captora Digital Marketing Acceleration is a B2B marketing platform that is helping businesses grow faster and meet their goals. Captora can help you:

  • Crawl your content and your competitors to see what key search phrases are trending in your industry. This allows you to identify content gaps and opportunities.
  • Create hundreds of digital marketing campaigns that are targeted around these data-driven insights in order to engage potential buyers with relevant content.
  • A/B test these campaigns to see what type of content and what assets are resonating well with your target audience. This allows you to remove the guesswork in your SEO and PPC strategies.

See how Captora can be the marketing tool to help drive success for your business!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video