Marketing Tools

In the marketing world, there can be a major emphasis on constantly creating new and diverse materials. Speed is emphasized to get ahead of the game, and the pressure can feel great when there aren't as many new ways to spin a familiar product. Luckily, many overlooked opportunities to effectively reuse existing content and assets are embedded as part of a marketing strategy.

Having a tool that enables you to leverage existing content to capture new buyers is crucial for growth. Modern marketers tend to spend countless hours on guessing what content to create. Without insight on what content is engaging buyers and which topics appeal to buyers, marketers are missing out on opportunity to stay ahead of their competitors.

The solution rests in Captora, as the only inbound marketing process that synthesizes existing content and works for you. Other marketing tools that simply diagnose problems and create more work for the entire marketing team. But, Captora provides undeniable insights across all inbound marketing campaigns, which means marketers can be sure they are highlighting their best content for prospects, before they are captured by competitors. As always, irrefutable data, rather than the loudest opinion, quickly substantiates those campaigns that are most effective.

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