Marketing Technology Roadmap

Marketing Technology Roadmap is on every modern-marketer's radar. Adopting technology that will drive results is a tough task these days, as content floods the web and it is more and more difficult to get to your buyers. How can marketers find technology that will partner up with their existing strategy and hit their target audience? It is not enough to have content that you push out on the web; you must be strategic in how you get it out, and who you are trying to attract. Engaging, relevant, consistent, and valuable: all descriptions of content that really drives traffic and ultimately, drives conversion. So this is the dilemma: how do we generate content, expose it to the right audience, and then gain leads that our sales department can reach out to and connect with?

Budget, time, and other resources are being poured out to solve this enigma... And C-Level and Marketing Departments are frustrated as there is little ROI, if any metrics at all, to prove that their efforts are providing the pipeline mapped out for them.

Your solution has just moved in. And they call it Captora!

With Captora, your roadmap will experience enhancements at the top-of-the-funnel, to drive your content engine.

  • Assess and understand where your competitor's content is and how it ranks compared to yours
  • Evaluate the keywords and phrases that your potential buyers are searching for to create hyper-personalized content that will drive traffic,
  • Measure and review the engagement, conversion and reach with our analytics platform while exploring metrics that matter and will help further your marketing successes.

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