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Marketing Technology Content is probably one of the biggest "buzzes" on the web today. Yet, many companies face difficulty with developing and executing a fruitful content strategy. As content marketers, it is important to be aware that developing and then pushing out mass amounts of content doesn't mean you will gain sales or even any engagement from it. The trick is to create and promote valuable AND relevant content that attract your target audience. And thus, the dilemma, as many marketers forget this key concept.

Marketers spend monthly and annual budget like you wouldn't believe, with technology and resources that aren't quantifiable. As a result, costs add up and the majority of marketers are questioning the ROI of their efforts. ROI should be measured in that content creates leads who convert, and drive revenue.

Captora. The top-of-the-line Digital Marketing Acceleration Platform. Built by marketers, intended FOR marketers.

With Captora, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate and track competitor's content while assessing where you need to target your efforts,
  • Build hyper-personalized paid and organic campaigns across channels where your buyers will be,
  • Track and analyze the traffic, conversion and reach that will drive you to be a marketing success through content.

Optimize your content and reduce your cost-per-lead with Captora's software.

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