Marketing Success Stories

Captora Digital Marketing Acceleration is a cloud based platform that is helping companies:

  • Leverage competitive intelligence in order to identify content gaps and missed opportunities.
  • Use data driven insights to engage potential customers with personalized landing pages and optimize the pages for conversions
  • Increase the impact of their marketing automation solutions by having a steady supply of high quality leads.

Here are some results from one of our success stories.

Marketo, the industry leader in B2B marketing automation, came to Captora with the challenges of fueling an ambitious growth plan, growing their online presence and using content to create a scalable demand generation strategy. Captora was able to provide a data-driven and scalable plan to optimize digital marketing campaigns and accelerate top of funnel lead generation. Marketo saw the following results in just one quarter of using Captora.

  • 150+ digital marketing campaigns launched within three weeks of activating Captora.
  • 36% growth in website visitors.
  • 45% growth in number of marketing leads generated.
  • Improved cost per lead by 50-60%
  • 90% of the leads generated with Captora were non-branded, meaning they are net new prospects for Marketo.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video