Marketing Success

Personalized, custom content that is based off buyer intent signals is the key to the success of your marketing campaigns. If you are not engaging potential customers with relevant content, you can bet that your competition is!

Captora Digital Marketing Acceleration is helping companies exceed their marketing goals and grow pipeline faster. We are doing this in three primary ways.

  • Demand Analyzer - Access buyer and competitive intelligence in order to identify how people are searching for your solution and prioritize the digital marketing campaigns you want to launch to capture these buyers
  • Campaign Engine - Use these data driven insights to launch and optimize hundreds of personalized landing pages, at scale from the same platform
  • Performance Advisor - Test and optimize these campaigns to ensure that you are getting the most relevant content asset and offer in front of your target audience.

Would you define marketing success as being able identify and capture new customers before your competition? Captora customers are able to leverage buyer intent signals and real time competitive intelligence in order to close content gaps and engage audiences that were previously unknown.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video