Marketing Strategy Vs Marketing Tactics

Marketing strategy has its foundations in your company's vision, focusing on fostering loyal relationships with customers through strengthening brand credibility. Content-driven campaigns are where marketers utilize everyday tactics to convey these brand messages - through blog posts or tweets, or reaching out to buyers across any of other various marketing channels. When the tactics you employ have a consistent brand image rooted in great content that is relevant to buyers, your marketing strategy will be successful.

But with all of these different channels reaching seemingly diverse segments of the market, how are marketers to know exactly what content will engage buyers? If marketing teams are sending out tweets and using other tactics to capture the attention of buyers, they must be careful not to rely only on guesswork which could end up filling every channel with irrelevant noise. Marketers need to build their platform based on data that shows them content that works.

Captora offers a solution that gives marketers reliable, data-based tools to leverage their existing content. Going beyond A/B testing, Captora optimizes for engagement and conversion, driving ROI on any new content you create. Marketers can be sure that all of their best tactics are reaching high-quality, conversion-ready buyers by using Captora's advanced technology.

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