Marketing Software For Customer Acquisition

Cloud based marketing platforms have given a fresh look to the way inbound marketing campaigns are conducted. An inbound marketing campaign must look beyond revenues and profits and focus on more significant metrics like customer acquisition cost. Content driven dDigital marketing software for customer acquisition is the most sought after marketing solution.

A content based marketing campaign is more effective in engaging prospects and lead generation. The features of Captora’s cloud based digital marketing campaigns that set them apart from peers are -

  • Data centric approach
  • Continuous optimization and expansion of content
  • Compare your content, campaigns and activities with competitors and prioritize your investments

Captora’s Marketing Execution Platform spins an inbound marketing campaign that focuses on three main marketing mantras, namely, content, reach and conversion. Captora’s marketing platforms bridges the gap between analytics and action. Find buyers before your competition does with Captora!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video