Marketing SEO Tools

Marketing SEO tools are now more critical than ever. For an effective SEO strategy, marketers try to create relevant content on their website to drive relevant search traffic to their campaigns. Over the years, Google and other search engines are constantly changing its search algorithm to drive the end user experience. This means that marketers need to constantly find new tools and techniques to determine the right "keyword" strategy. Marketers need to know which keywords to use to maximize traffic and engagement across all of their campaigns. This is critical as modern buyers are basing their buying decisions on searches done on the company and competitive products.

With Captora, your marketing team can:

  • Retrieve keyword family and keyword suggestions that enable them to drive priorities for new campaigns (search phrases + dedicated, highly optimized landing pages)
  • Translate these suggestions into actual campaigns using simple and easy to use campaign creation tools.
  • Analyze cross funnel metrics across all your channels and campaigns.

SEO does not have to be a voodoo. Captora makes this easy and simple and enables an end to end workflow from search to campaigns to analytics. Watch this 2 min video on Captora to learn more about what Captora can solve your SEO challenges.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video