Marketing ROI For Marketing Departments Today

Marketing ROI for marketing departments today is imperative to a marketing strategy. While there are loads of new channels and methods to build out content in marketing departments today, there is an added struggle to build relevant content that will reach your target audience amidst all the noise. On top of that, it has been seemingly impossible to effectively measure ROI for the executives that wonder where their marketing budget is going. As it becomes more important to measure ROI, we are challenged to find a solution that addresses the following:

  • Which campaigns are proving to be most effective?
  • What are our competitors creating and where is it working for them?
  • Which content is engaging buyers and at what stage?
  • Where are my content gaps?
  • Which optimization opportunities are out there?

Captora: the leading marketing automation software for your top-of-the-funnel marketing efforts. Captora's award winning platform automatically leverages your content to create hyper-targeted content rich campaigns that is proven to engage buyers and boost your conversion rates. With the use of data and machine learning algorithms, Captora provides insight into campaign analysis, competitor assessment, and gaps in content strategy. Consider your ROI problems solved! Watch our quick demo video for more information.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video