Marketing Resources And Tools

The power of your marketing resources and tools: infinite. The amount of marketing tools out there today: infinite. So the question is, how do you select the marketing tools for your strategy?

While marketing was once just a cost inducer, it's now a revenue driver. Inbound marketing is not a fad or a trend, but rather, a top priority. With the modern day increase of inbound marketing, marketers race around to look for tools to identify new leads and ultimately have them convert as buyers, before their competition. Companies may fixate on a list of potential or qualified leads, but identifying these people at the right stage of their buyer journey is crucial. Where is your content driving traffic and where are your buyers?

Captora. The only integrated inbound marketing solution designed to accelerate pipeline. Captora's platform integrates with existing marketing automation solutions to help you drive revenue while keeping marketing costs low. With Captora you can:

  • Identify digital marketing gaps and prioritize resources
  • Identify, create & optimize hundreds of inbound campaigns even with very lean marketing headcount
  • Increase conversion of both paid and organic results with existing content
  • Continually test and fine-tune each new campaign for optimal results
  • Access real-time buyer and competitive data

Implement our Captora toolset to see your marketing efforts take off!

More info in this quick two minute video!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video