Marketing Productivity In Tech

Marketing Productivity in Tech matters more than in any other industry. The primary reason for this is that tech companies are constantly pushing the boundaries on using marketing channels to drive new purchases and brand awareness. This means that marketers in tech companies are constantly figuring out ways to boost their productivity with scaling with organic and paid campaigns.

Enter Captora - Industry's leading marketing productivity platform that enables the modern marketer to find buyers before the competition, create new organic and paid campaigns and analyze cross funnel campaign metrics.

Captora's deep machine learning and big data technology delivers:

  • Deep insights about new and untapped buyers.
  • Nifty easy to use campaign creation and optimization tools for both paid and organic campaigns.
  • Deep end to end analytics about visits, visitors and conversions across all the campaigns.

With Captora, innovative tech companies such as Docusign and Marketo have significantly scaled their paid and organic campaigns.

Check out our 2 min video to learn more about how Captora can boost your productivity across all of your marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video