Marketing Productivity In B2B

Marketing Productivity is a phrase that you are probably finding more and more important as new marketing channels evolve. Modern marketers are increasingly faced with new challenges that force them to showcase productivity with analytics that matter. How do you drive marketing productivity?

Productivity in marketing is not just about content creation. It is also about knowing whom to target, what content to use and what existing campaign to optimize. Captora's end to end integrated product (from insights to campaign creation to analytics) provides the perfect platform for marketers to drive productivity across paid and organic channels.

Captora can boost your productivity in ways such as:

  • Seeing all of your content and competitor's content in one place to identify opportunities
  • Break down the silos between demand generation, content marketing and sales
  • Collaborate with your team to launch organic and paid campaigns in 10-15 minutes

Watch our 2 minute video on Digital Marketing Acceleration to learn how you can increase your marekting productivity.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video