Marketing Productivity Group

Marketing Productivity Group may be a phrase you are hearing more frequently as the importance of marketing takes off. Marketers face challenges everyday to showcase their productivity with metrics that matter, by driving potential consumers to their content, campaigns, and social channels. Tools, technology and tactics are all to be considered when devising a plan to gain high marketing productivity. With all of the channels and noise out there, how does your team ensure you are putting all the right resources to use in order to drive pipeline? Solving these marketing challenges is difficult when budget and headcount are on the lower side.

Captora is your answer to marketing productivity challenges.

Captora: the Digital Marketing Acceleration Platform that:

  • provides double the speed of actionable insight
  • increases your organic search visits
  • produces 100% higher conversion rates
  • develops 10x more targeted landing pages
  • reduces your cost-per-lead by 55%

Experience your marketing productivity reach it's full potential with Captora!

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