Marketing Productivity Best Practices

What an amazing year for digital marketing! Search, advertising and social channels all continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Marketers are increasingly looking for best practices that help them scale both paid and organic campaigns.

Captora's eBook on Marketing Practices covers:

  • Creating Audience Centric Content - Companies often do not create content that is relevant to the target buyer. This not only affects their ranking, but also significantly reduces conversions and conversion rates. In order to stay ahead in the competitive space of digital marketing you must create audience-centric content.
  • Social Media Promos - Social media is continually becoming a more widely embraced channel for B2B. Social Media helps you dominate your market as a thought leader by connecting directly with potential buyers and establishing deeper engagement. Social media holds a sense of connection with audience and industry thought leaders.
  • Marketing Automation - A study by Marketo states, "Companies that excel in marketing automation will experience 50% higher amounts of qualified leads at 1/3 the cost." Not all website visitors who've filled out a form are ready to be passed on to sales. In fact, it your efforts can be in vain if you push to hard to drive a sale to early and you will surely create a gap between that you may not be able to close. Marketing automation done right can help you better score and nurture high-quality prospects while uniting the forces of sales and marketing.

Captora is the Digital Marketing Acceleration tool that empowers you to find and attract new buyers before your competition. Download the Modern Marketer eBook to dig into all the best practices.

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