Marketing Productivity And Spend

Marketing productivity matters. In today's cross-channel marketing world, companies are constantly in search of ways, techniques and tools to significantly boost marketing productivity. Productivity matters through the entire marketing funnel - from the discovery of new buyers to the close of new deals.

Captora's platform delivers fully integrated workflows that drive productivity. Captora's easy and simple to use tools delivers 10x targeted landing pages, 2x actionable insights, higher organic search traffic, 100% higher conversion rate, and 55% lower cost per lead (CPL).

Captora provides the following functionality to the modern marketer to drive marketing productivity.

  • Buyer Insights - Prioritize your new campaigns using Captora's proprietary demand and content insights
  • Campaign Creation Tools - Scale your paid and organic campaigns using easy-to-use campaign creation tools
  • Analytics - View your visits, conversions and conversion rates across all of your campaigns, so you know what to work on next.

Watch a 2 min video to learn more about Captora's paid and organic campaign creation and optimization tools.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video