Marketing Plan Vs Marketing Strategy

When talking marketing strategy, your team depends on knowing the mission and vision of the company to create engaging content. Your strategy may involve focusing marketing efforts on integrity and emphasizing loyalty in building trusting relationships with customers by knowing who they are and how your product works for them. The marketing plan takes this strategy to the next step by having measurable goals, objectives, and the budget necessary to meet them.

But it isn't always that easy. Marketers can always guess what needs their educated buyers have, but they don't always have the data to turn those guesses into appropriate content. Marketers are spending hours creating content that doesn't have tie to ROI and isn't helping them meet their goals. Since a marketing plan relies on having measurable information and goals to meet, marketers need a reliable tool that can work quickly to synthesize their content, understand exactly what buyers are looking for, and produce results.

Captora's inbound marketing process quickly assesses existing content and works to help marketers achieve optimal results. Our technology is driven by data, giving you measurable results based on your existing content that automatically lets you know which campaigns are most effective. With Captora marketers have insight into

  • Where opportunities exist
  • Where content is missing
  • What competitors are talking about
  • What buyers are searching for

With data and visibility by Captora, marketers can capture more leads at a lower CPL and increase conversions drastically.

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