Marketing Plan Strategy

Marketing plans are all about goals and objectives - marketers have to understand their potential buyers and how the company's products can meet their needs. Captora can help the modern digital marketer to create an effective marketing plan.

Captora's unique industry leading demand generation platform helps leading B2B companies such as Docusign and Marketo create and execute on an effective marketing plan.

With Captora, you can:

Map Content to Buyer Intent: mapping of content stage-by-stage in the buyer journey (from initial conversion to close) helps prioritize asset development, provide relevant custom content for buyers, and drive a high impact at every stage of process.

Gain Insights That Guide Strategy: utilize workflows, conversion analytics, content gap analysis and greenfield opportunities for lead gen, real-time and ROI through pipeline and revenue booking.

View Competitor Activity: view all kinds of competitor activity to assess where your resources should be distributed, real-time searchable content, and respond to competitive content based on resource type.

Analyze Cross Funnel Metrics: see the most meaningful data for making intelligent decisions such as which sources are generating the most traffic, quality content, and highest converting CTAs.

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