Marketing Pipeline vs Sales Pipeline

Marketing Pipeline and Sales Pipeline in most marketing organizations have become more interdependent than ever. Like most relationships, sales and marketing often require a complex balance to experience success together. Sales and marketing teams have to collaborate closely to gain high-quality leads that produce conversions, all while keeping budget down. Marketers use a combination of tools and technologies that help scale marketing campaigns and drive new marketing pipeline.

With Captora, your marketing team can:

  • See recommendations for new cocampaigns across paid and organic channels (keyword phrases + relevant content), content promotion opportunities, and demand gaps
  • Scale your marketing investments to accelerate pipeline across channels
  • Analyze visits, conversions and conversion rates across all channels

Leading B2B companies such as DocuSign and Marketo are leveraging Captora to significantly scale new revenue and conversion rates across search, advertising, and social channels.

Watch this 2 minute video to see how you can drive your marketing pipeline and directly influence your sales pipeline.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video